Lichfield Nomads Cricket Annual General Meeting 1998


Minutes of the seventeenth AGM held on 29-10-98 at the Duke of York, Lichfield.

Present: RJ, DF, JH, DC, PB, PW, PG, PS, KG, PF, MH, AH.

Apologies: SS, CR.


Item 1

RJ thanked PF for his minutes presentation. Clock to be purchased. Minutes approved by PW and seconded by DF.

Item 2

The Chairman thanked the committee for their work during the year and PG for his captaincy. He also thanked DC, PF and MH for tour organisation, all the car drivers to Belgium and the Belgian Police for allowing us to field a full side.

Item 3

Match fee increase justified. Nets broke even, but do not include Lichfield CC outdoor nets. Reduced kit expense, straight to bottom line. SCB expense. 171 prizes refer to 96.97! Page 2 showed reserves since 1981. Recommendation that match fees stay the same.20 people played more than one game. Under16 ‘s free.

Item 4

Forms for membership to go out with January meeting notification. MCCC phone questionnaire was conducted and completed by the club. 2No reference books by the ECB titled "Playing the game" and "Running the Club" have received and are available to any member for reference,

(Yuppie Blackburn).

Item 5

50 Club income stayed roughly the same. Prize money increased. Revenue up. The draw itself made 104.00. KF, new address. 300.00 received tonight. RJ thanked PF. 1st Draw at November meeting.

Item 6

PG has enjoyed his 2 years and will pass it on. Only 5 games won last season, "But we played in better spirit". PF played well. Missed DC and CR. "We did not field badly". Pleasing aspects from this year should carry over to next year. Generally a good season despite the amount of wins. "We played with good spirit" and played competitively. RJ thanked PG for his efforts, warmly applauded.

Beer break 9.15 PM

Item 7

Beaudesert confirmed 2 games. Home fixtures still at B-U-N. PG to ask for key to scoreboard. MP has fixture with Friary Grange and Armitage. PB has fixture with Prestatyn. Codsall away. DC has a potential fixture in Shrewsbury. Decision in principle to enter Mercury Cup, further discussions at November meeting. SS in absence suggested "Get a fixture with Lichfield CC". Looking good.

Item 8

No notification for nets as yet. Nets at B-U-N are a village amenity, to be discussed at the March meeting, MH to circulate. PH in absence asked "Possibilities of Wednesdays"; the answer was F-G indoor nets only on Thursdays. AH asked about nets at F-G the summer, indoor nets finish in April. PB asked about LCC nets during the summer, not a possibility. PB asked about indoor nets at JTHS!

Item 9

Social report by CR presented to the meeting. Dinner successful. Test Match referred to November meeting. CR to retire. RJ thanked CR heartily for his work over the years.

Item 10

Election of officers:

    Proposed Seconded
Chairman RJ MP JH
Secretary MH MP JH
Treasurer PW PF DC
50 Club PF RJ PB
Social Secretary DC DF JH
Fixtures & Pitches PG KG AH

RJ welcomed DC onto committee.

Next meeting 26-11-98, Greyhound 8.30PM.

Meeting closed 10.10PM.


4th October 1999

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