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Lichfield Nomads Cricket Annual General Meeting 1999


1999 Winning Season P20 W10 D1 L9

Minutes of the eighteenth AGM held on 28-10-99 at the Duke of York, Lichfield.

Present: RJ, DF, JH, DC, CR, SS, KG, MH, AH. PF.

Apologies: PG, PH, PB.

Agenda changed to accommodate PF’s late arrival.


Item 1: Approve the minutes of the seventeenth AGM.

17th AGM minutes approved by DF and seconded by DC.


Item 2: Financial Report (inc. Membership)

The Chairman thanked DF for taking over at short notice last year.

Finance. 5p was picked up by a team member and generously donated. Net match fees were down due to long distance matches. Charity donations and new trophies accounted for potential profit. The issue of expenses when we stop over for a fixture is deferred to the November meeting. Kit income was due members buying kit through the club. DF recommends no increase membership fee or match fee.

Membership. 17 paid up members. MP said the Club is lucky with injuries. Recruitment at the moment will be done through personal contact.


Beer break 9.00pm.

Item 3: Secretarial Report

All club secretarial administration on disk since 1997 and is available on the clubs website. All notifications and minutes sent out without any problem. Membership of the Staffordshire County Board to continue at a cost of 10.00 per year.

After discussions between MH, PG and PF, it was decided against putting names forward for selection by MCCC as most games were in midweek in other parts of the country.

MP thanked for his match report writing.

The issue of MH’s suggested constitutional review (which to date had received no interest) was deferred to the November meeting.

MH to pursue club branded kit.


Item 4: Captains Report

General points. Morale superb. Determined commitment was excellent. Support much appreciated.


Batting. Suffered no collapses. Excellent contributions by DF, KG and PH. Opening partnership of PG and MH is cemented and will be kept. Top four batsmen will be same next season; they are there to be "knocked off".

Bowling. Took a gamble opening with MH and DF and will keep it going. It worked quite well. Hammerwich had difficulty getting DF away. Bowling quite impressive.

Fielding. Has been good. It was quietly confident fielding. Alertness has been good.

The issue of umpiring was deferred to the April players meeting.

RJ thanked AH for his efforts and MP for his support.


Beer break 9.42pm

Item 5: 50 Club

KF paid up. 145.00 collected. Still awaiting responses.


Item 6: Fixtures and Pitches

A turbulent year for fixtures with several teams deciding not to play us at the last moment. At Woore, a cup game took precedence. At Gnosall, the secretary left. He failed to pass on the arranged fixture to the new fixture secretary, who in turn did not inform PG that the team had disbanded. At Stafford 3rds, no team. At Wall, no team. The weather was bad any way. At JTHS, they could not get a side for the second game. At Sutton Coldfield, wrong date, could be PG’s fault. The MCCC proved invaluable. One fixture against Norton was arranged and confirmed on Saturday before the game. Suggest a letter of thanks to Madge. On the positive side good contacts were made with Norton, Worcester NT, Bugbrooke, Prestatyn and Cannock 3rds.

PG is willing to continue but will pass the mantle on if anyone else wishes to do it.

Fixtures secretary to phone on Friday before game to ensure no repeat of last season’s problems.

The issue of the pre match set up was deferred to the March meeting. The key situation stays the same with MH to take responsibility of stumps and bails.

MP to sort out single wicket competition before the start of the season.


Item 7: Nets

Lichfield CC outdoor nets. Used more for fielding purposes.

Barton CC outdoor nets. Very successful.

Friary Grange indoor nets. Same quality as before. SS stated that these nets are of no use to him. MH has heard that Kings Bromley CC will not be taking up their net there this winter. A discussion took place on using a second net followed by a vote, with 9 votes in favour of MH pursuing this further, with 1 abstention.

MP to look into Bowling Machine.


Item 8: Social (inc. Tour)

Plans this year will be from questionnaire of last year. Events last year were successful.

Day at the test. Enjoyable despite England. The best performance of the day went to PF when he vaulted the non-working ticket collecting turnstiles at Stanmore. The issue of next year’s venue was deferred to a later meeting.

Ten pin bowling. Booked for 19.11.99 in Burton. Format to be discussed. 2 games and a meal costing approximately 9.00. Start time of 8.00pm and a mealtime of 9.30pm. A letter will be sent out.

RJ thanked DC for his efforts.

Annual dinner. To be held elsewhere next year.

Tour. Travel was well organised by DC. The accommodation took time to organise this year due to the Hobbit being unavailable. Eventually, our friend Chris Bierens located the Citadenes for us and our thanks for this were conveyed at this meeting


Item 9: Election of officers

Post Officer Proposer Seconder
Secretary MH JH DC
Treasurer DF MH AH
50 Club PF MP CR
Social Secretary DC JH PF

Fixtures & Pitches No vote taken

RJ thanked the committee for their work.


Next meeting 25-11-99, The Greyhound, 8.30pm.

Meeting closed 10.35pm.


4th October 1999