Lichfield Nomads Cricket Annual General Meeting Minutes 2007

Minutes of the twenty sixth AGM on 22nd October 2007.

Present: PG, JH, AH, NW, IH, MP, KG, MP, MH.
Apologies: PB.

Minutes reviewed and approved.
Proposed IH
Seconded KG

4. Fixtures
Early days, Walsall AHA, Bugbrooke and Swynnerton are OK. Woore a bit hesitant, will book Coombes Wood. Shugborough on the back burner, MP might try and get Olton and West Warks. Most fixtures organised from November. Possibility of midweek fixture in Belper and a referral to the November meeting for the Mercury cup.

5. Secretarial Report.
New trophies for next season have been ordered and a reference was made to a letter from the Treasurer to the Secretary regarding the non payment of a net fee.

2. 50 Club.
PF read out memo from GC saying he had moved to the Isle of Wight. 50 Club accounts passed around. INCOME DOWN DUE TO LACK OF PAYMENT FROM PLAYERS. JH and PG rolled their prizes to pay for next season. IH has taken two numbers.

6. Nets.
Indoor nets will start on 3rd January 2008 at a cost of £51.06 per session. The winter nets will end on 27th March 2008. Outdoor nets were bothered by the weather and problems at Wall CC.

7. Kit.
Three types of new club playing shirts and caps were on display for memberís approval. This was in response to SGís enquiry into club kit during the season and the previous club kit exercise being seven years ago. Shirts chosen will be £26.00 and Caps chosen will be £13.00. RJ thanked MH. New additions to the kit rota should non committee members; this is to be referred to the November meeting as will first aid kit, spring stumps and clickers.

8. Social.
If we get test match tickets this will be done by beginning of December. Captainís curry was good RJ mentioned ten pin bowling, IH suggested going to the Bartonís Arms.

10. Election of Officers.
Proposer Seconded
Social Secretary PB MP AH
Secretary MH JH AH
Fixtures MP MH NW
Treasurer DF DP AH
50 Club PF MP IH

9. Tour.
No minutes recorded.

Close 9.48pm.

Date of next meeting 29th November 2007.
PJF: 29/9/08

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