Lichfield Nomads Cricket Club Annual General Meeting Minutes 2009

Minutes of the Lichfield Nomads Cricket Club Annual General Meeting held at the Duke of Wellington on 29th October 2009.

Apologies: DF, DB, LW, KC.

Meeting commenced 8.00pm.
2008 AGM Minutes approval.
Proposed IH
Seconded MP

Chairman’s Report.
MP said the meeting must be kept brief and certain items will be referred to at a later date. The club is in a healthy and sound financial position with a good level of membership. However the playing side needs addressing and behaviour on the field is borderline. MP stated that on two occasion’s players concerned should have taken the Umpires decision and not argue. PB asked about the permanency of the position of Chairman, MP referred to the item on the agenda called Election of Officers.

Financial Report.
DF not present, copies of his financial report were available. MP stated the club finances in a healthy state with a current balance of £2900. SCB is MCCC. Steps put in place last year with regarding match fees and net fees have worked. It was decided to leave fees and subs the same for this year. A proposal that Car mileage should be raised to 15p per mile was approved. IH has said that DF has done a good job.
Secretary’s Report.
MVP from the Wall CC game was decided. FCL went well using 15 player system, will do the same next year, PG gave vote of thanks to MH for organising the tournament. An email was sent to ensure trophy engraving was up to date, no problems except for DM having fielder of the year trophy. It was stated that some members were not happy with club meeting venues. Play cricket details for MCCC fixtures was passed to KS.

Captains Report.
MP thanked IH for his captaincy.”Our losing record was not due to his efforts”. IH thanked everybody for their support and said he was willing to stand down or continue whichever. IH stated that he stuck to the friendly ideal, gave everyone a fair crack of the whip with everybody involved in the game and not creating a clique. IH said “we must try and improve as a team and not rely on 2 or 3 batsmen, when they fail the team fails”. This batting failure has resulted in no partnerships of note. IH also reiterated MP’s comments on disputing umpires decisions, “the umpires decision is final”. MP stated there would be no decisions on Captaincy tonight. When heavily beaten, MP asked the questions are the older members good enough, are the fixtures too hard or are we putting in the required effort to win. MP also stated that the batting and bowling attack needs a cutting edge and the fielding needs to be worked on. GB asked if the nets could be used for umpiring purposes. IH said that sometimes there is more than one captain on the pitch. IH said that we must play more double headers due to availability hot spots. MP thanked IH for his efforts and stated that next year’s Vice Captain will inherit the Captaincy in 2011.
50 Club report.
Income up to £478.00. Club numbers mean we do not have to pay out. A list of outstanding prizes and a debtors list have been released, MP now paid up. MP asked PF to come up with some figures to raise more money. MP thanked PF for his efforts last year and in the past.
Fixtures and Pitches Report
In 2009 we played on 25 weeks and played 19 different teams. IH gave KS ideas for fixtures next year. KS said that if the Club decides to do double headers next season, let him know and he will organise them. KS stated that the Club has 4No fixtures, Dove holes, Bugbrooke, Shipston and Pott Shrigley where the journey to the fixture is in excess of 50 miles and recommended we only keep Bugbrooke. PB said does not drop any fixtures until everything pans out. MP stated that we need a Home date for the “Club Day” (LNCC v Queens Head XI). KG asked about game in Bath, MP said that he was contacting Carol to get details so the game can be arranged. PB asked if the club needs to play at Holland SSC, MP referred this to the November meeting. PB proposed that some younger cricketers should be brought in to allow a split into two teams to occur, enabling the double headers to involve a Veterans side being the second team. MP said that “we will dip our toe in the water” and on four weekends in the season, the Club will arrange two fixtures. PB said that he would like to captain the veteran’s side. MP said that people can still play later on; this would be evolution if the younger ones are caught. IH stated that he agreed in principle “but the veterans must be very selective in choosing their fixtures and flexible” MP referred this item to the November meeting. MP thanked KS for his efforts.

Kit Report.
Match kit audit has taken place. Match balls required, Nets balls required and a score book may be needed. Cold spray cans are needed. It was decided to get 5No Caps for new members. The club has sufficient umpire’s coats.

Net’s Report.
No information on 2010 indoor nets at the time of the meeting. MP suggested guests helped skills and cash. Outdoor nets deferred and indoor nets referred to the November meeting.

Social Report
Next year’s “Day at the Test” will be at Trent Bridge on Saturday 31st July 2010 at the Radcliffe Road End. The number of people going to be taken by the Dinner. IH mentioned going by mini bus, PB mentioned rail. 25 confirmed for Dinner, meet at 7.30pm. Xmas social referred to November meeting. MP thanked PB for all his efforts.

Tour Report.
MP stated we are to tour Bath with RJ’s generous gift to be used for accommodation, MP will organise. MH stated that LW had asked if we are to tour Belgium in 2011, this has now been pencilled in.

Election of Officers
MP elected Chairman.
                Proposed Seconded
Secretary MH MP PW
Treasurer DF MP PG
50 Club PF MH KS
Fixtures KS MP NW
Soc Sec GB IH PF

Date of next meeting
George and Dragon 8.30pm.

Meeting closed 10.22pm.

1. Captaincy.
2. Playing Home Fixtures at Holland SSC.
3. Club Day.
4. Veteran’s side.
5. RC’s proposal for the Indoor Nets.
6. Xmas social.

Mark Heslington, LNCC Secretary

PJF: 20/11/09

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