Lichfield Nomads Cricket Club Annual General Meeting Minutes 2010

Minutes of the Lichfield Nomads Cricket Club Annual General Meeting held at the Malt Public House, on 14th October 2010.
Present: PF, KS, IH, DF, DP, PG, PB, MP, KC, MH, LW, DB, GB, KG, SG.
Apologies: JH.

Meeting commenced 8.00pm.

Approval of the 2009 AGM minutes.
Proposed DF.
Seconded PB.

Chairman’s Report.
MP said good availability overall and a healthy membership. Games were played in a good spirit. Results were poor at the start of the season but recovered. There may have been a couple of mismatches and a reference was made to Lullington CC who finished top of the Derbyshire Premier League. RJ’s memorial tour to Bath worked very well and MP thanked IH and KS for organising the accommodation and fixtures respectively. MP then thanked all the people who did work for the club in the last season and especially IH for all his efforts as captain.

Financial Report.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Treasurer’s Report 2009 – 2010

1. Current Account

Brought forward £ 1753.42
Income 2008 - 2009
Subscriptions £ 400.00 £ 400.00
Fund Raising 180.00 209.00
Match Fees (Net) 884.71 843.50  
Nets: Friary






Other (see below) 71.20 529.66
£ 2025.91  
Running total £ 3779.33
Expenditure Kit £ 89.00 £ 156.33
Pitches: Barton 4 @ £40 160.00 360.00
Nets: Friary






Prizes 45.00 135.00

Insurance (see notes)

Staffs Cricket board

Ray Jennett Memorial w/e

Incidental expenses (details available, if required)









£ 2376.17
Carried Forward £ 1403.16

2. Deposit account

Brought Forward £ 1159.48
Interest added £ 0.74

Carried Forward Total
Re: Insurance I have checked the position of junior players and guest players with our insurers, Marshall Wooldridge. They state that provided the match fees and/or net fees they pay includes a proportion towards insurance then such players are ‘covered’. Hence, when guest players are charged e.g. a £3.00 match fee this includes a £2.00 contribution towards tea and £1.00 insurance

Re: Club kit all outstanding charges have been paid, KG is debt free (in this respect) for the first time for several years
Re: Ray Jennett Memorial weekend. The £1000 bequest was paid into the deposit account. This money remains in the deposit account. Contributions to players for the weekend were paid from the current account. £60 remains.
Re: monies owed CB £7 (match fee from Shipston-on Stour 2009); RC £4 (£1 nets June 18th2009 + £3 Longdon May 16th 2010)

Treasurer’s Report (2009 – 2010)
Club Personal Kit: KG has now cleared his debt! Money has also been received from PC and KC. Thanks again to MH for his efforts here.
Subscriptions: This season there have been 20 paid up memberships, including 2 ‘family’ memberships: DF, MP, PG, KC/CC, PF, NE, KS, MH, DP, PB, IH, LW, DB, FW, JH, KG, RC, GB, SG/NG, AH. This compares to 20 subscriptions, but more involved players than last season. Subs (and match fees) are waived for DM in lieu of the distance he travels.
Nets: Nets at Friary cost less than in 2008-09, however there were only 12 sessions compared with 14 in 2008-09 and attendance was not as good. There was deficit of around £300, compared to £170 in 2008-09.
Outdoor nets at Wall generated a profit of £10, Wall having increased their charges by £20 with the promise of 2 nets and better facilities (although the ‘KS patent wicket’ had to be used on most occasions on the only net available. I will make this point when Wall quote us next season, if the AGM is in agreement). However I have had no notification regarding collection of fees for nets at Wall on either 15th July or 22nd July, when I could not attend.
Pitches & Match fees: Match fees remain at £7 for members & regular “others”. Guests, life members and juniors are generally charged £3. Officials (non-playing umpires/scorers) are not charged. DM is not charged in lieu of distance travelled.
Mileage: Mileage contribution for most fixtures in excess of 20 miles round trip was raised to 12p per mile. The club continues to be indebted to those members who are willing to waive payments for whatever reason. However we need to be aware that a number of long distance matches may contribute nothing to club funds and in one case (Shipston-on-Stour) generated a deficit (although this is due mainly to having three ‘guests’).

Tea: With few home matches we have managed to put out good teas, in most cases at least of the quality as those we get. Thanks to those who offered their services in preparing tea (Sian usually charges £50 for preparation of tea). As last year, we charged opponents £35 for tea. If we are charged more than this at an away fixture, I try to remember to make the same charge for our home fixture.
50-Club: As usual thanks from all members of the club to Paul for his efforts. The 50-club raises vital money for the club, without which, fees or membership would undoubtedly have to rise. I hope that everyone has been paid what is owed to them and has paid what they owe.

Kit: We spent relatively little on kit this year (on balls and a scorebook); however we may find that more is needed next year. We still need players to look after club kit when they use it and I have moaned, repeatedly, at people in nets to do so but this is also needed during/after matches. Fortunately Ian was able to follow up kit missing after the Coombs Wood match.
Fantasy Cricket is organised by MH, however ‘players’ now pay their £5 fee to me. An additional cost of £4.92 for post was billed to the club, so the money from the 16 players’ fees will be available for prizes. Does this arrangement meet with approval of the meeting?
Next season: The club has made an operating profit this season of £590.48. At this time last year we had £2912.90, including the RJ bequest (i.e. effectively £1912.90). This year we have £2563.38, with £60 of Ray’s bequest to spend.
I propose no changes in fees charged, or expenses paid, as prices will inevitably rise bringing us closer to the ideal ‘zero change’ situation.
I request that this gathering make some decision about the ‘money owed’ to the club (chase or write off?) and how the balance of Ray’s bequest might best be used (I could suggest….)

With thanks to everyone for their patience when I ask for fees a second or even third time. Special thanks to MH, PF, MP and KS (and others I may have omitted) for collecting money during my absences.

I will not be at nets for most of January as New Zealand has called us back again, and I will ask someone to collect net fees sometime in early December, (any volunteers?).
D. Forster 14. 10. 2010

DF underestimated the number of attendees tonight. Piches at Barton for 2009 also includes 2008 figure. Net income at the Friary is down. RJ memorial tour expense was £940.00. Checked with insures and junior match fee of £3.00 includes £1.00 for insurance. MP asked about the QH game and DF stated receipts matched expenses. The Sunseekers CC game has no expenditure against it as Hammerwich CC has not invoiced the £75.00 to the Club. DF would like it pointed out that KG is debt free and £60.00 remains from RJ gift. MP stated the MVP award needs recycling and asked DF his thoughts. DF proposed putting wine on the table at the dinner, PB seconded it. DF reviewed overdue payments. 20No paid members. DF raised the nets of 15th July and 22nd July and the money not received. IH suggested spending £60.00 on a trophy for a proposed Bath tour; THIS ITEM WAS REFFERED TO A LATER MEETING. DF asked “Where would the trophy go if LNCC won it”. MP said to the nearest location. MP thanked DF for his hardwork

Secretary’s Report.
All minutes taken and distributed, AGM minutes went onto website after the meeting. FCL went well using 15 player system, will do the same next year. Secretary had taken on the end of season social notifications. An email was sent to ensure trophy engraving was up to date, MP reiterated members engrave their own trophy unless it was 3No years out of date; THIS ITEM WAS REFFERED TO A LATER MEETING. MP thanked MH for all his hard work.

Captains Report.
IH said “ There were no arguments with regard to the performance this season” There was 3No centurions, 4No bowlers with more than 20 wickets, successful captaincy from RC and 50’s from RC and PF. Batting PB’S from DM, LW,CC,KC and DP.Bowling PB’S from KC and NW. KS took his first wicket and LW bowled a “Hat Trick”. Debuts from TS and PC. IH said the Club but the opposition is getting stronger. IH always ensured “every Nomad played a full and active role in every game they played”.

MP proposed LW for Captaincy, seconded by MH and this was accepted.MP congratulated LW on being LNCC captain.

50 Club report.
PF has already received cheques from C Rowland and K Fisher. Yearly subscriptions up to £12.00; THIS ITEM WAS REFFERED TO A LATER MEETING. C Ingley and J Healy will have their fees rolled over. £519.00 received. MP thanked PF for a thankless task well done.

Fixtures and Pitches Report
KS stated “We have more games than ever before”. The season will start the weekend of 10/11.04.2011. and terminate on the weekend of 24/25.09.2011. KS said that he needed details on “Tour “and “Doubleheaders” for the Fixture list; THIS ITEM WAS REFFERED TO A LATER MEETING. MP thanked KS for a good job on fixtures.

Kit Report.
Match kit audit has not taken place. Match balls required, Nets balls required and a score book may be needed; THIS ITEM WAS REFFERED TO A LATER MEETING.

Net’s Report.
DF mentioned the fiscal problems at the indoor nets; mp stated the nets should be put through on the “nod”. DB and LW stated they should be kept and SG agreed. They will commence on 06.01.2011 and terminate on 07.04.2011. DB mentioned that it would be better for the outdoor nets to have a more organised start time and that the man with the key should determine this; THIS ITEM WAS REFFERED TO A LATER MEETING.

Social Report
No social report took place; the outgoing social secretary suggested the position should be reviewed. The annual dinner was organised by MP and PB and 19 are going so far.

Tour Report.
No report.

Proposed Seconded
Secretary MH PB LW
Treasurer DF LW PG
50 Club PF DB LW
Fixtures KS GB KG

Date of next meeting
25.11.10 - George and Dragon 8.30pm.

Meeting closed 9.56pm.


  1. £60.00 Tour trophy.
  2. Trophy engraving.
  3. 50 Club yearly subscriptions.
  4. Tour and Doubleheader fixtures.
  5. Match kit.
  6. More organised start time of the outdoor nets.

PJF: 4/11/11

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