Lichfield Nomads Cricket Meeting Minutes November 2003

Minutes of the meeting held on 27th November 2003 at the Greyhound Inn Lichfield.

Present; RJ, DF, MP, DC, KG, MH, PG, AH, PF, PB.

Apologies; JH

Currently 9 subs paid. KG paid £12.00 toward kit debt. Treasurer concerned no bill received from HSSC, MP has spoken to them about fixtures. £1428 in the bank. Still to pay for indoor nets.

50 Club
£309.00 received so far, very good.

MP said that it was healthy enough.

MP said that HSSC are hoping to raise funds needed for repairs to the artificial, we will look into having a meeting with them regarding use of the main square. PB suggested a gesture of goodwill toward the artificial. MP also suggested using this toward the possibility of using the main square. Fixtures nearly done. One gap on 12.09, either Highcroft or Sunseekers. One new fixture at CAC in Beeston, Matlock CC and Barton CC are provisional. RJ thanked MP

Indoor nets sorted. The Outdoor net options need to be looked into.

Replacements identified:

2 Umpire coats
1 Scorebook
1 LH Gloves
12 Match Balls
2 Helmets (1 Large – 1 Medium)
4 sets of bails (2 sets of Heavy bails)
1 Pencil kit.

Nomads’ day at the Test is Eng v WI at OT on 14.08 in the best seats. Names by January meeting, cash by February meeting. Captains curry 7.30 at Queens Head. 

MP has contacts, Saturday fixture and Eagles on Sunday. DC to look into ferries.

Congrats to England Rugby team on winning the 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia. NH a proud father.

Date of next meeting 29th January 2004.


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