Lichfield Nomads Cricket Meeting Minutes February 2000



1999 Winning season P20 W10 D1 L9

Minutes of the meeting held on 17th February 2000 at the Fountain Inn, Lichfield.

Present; DF, RJ, PG, CR, DC, MH, KG.

Apologies; PB. MP.



One sub received. £27.00 from nets last week plus £18.00 from this week. Invoice for indoor nets to be paid next week.


‘50’ Club

Nothing to report.



See Item 2.

PB paid. RC is aware. The meeting feels there is no need to advertise this year. There is a possibility GB may be picked to play as opposed to making up the numbers.



First fixture confirmed as Swynnerton away on 16th April. Second fixture is Cannock Wood away on 23rd April. Only 2’Gaps’ to be filled. Holland sports cannot provide pitch for Mechelen CC match on 22nd July. Cannock to be contacted. Fixture list to be circulated at March meeting .RJ stated that MP has done a good job.



Suffering from Mid Feb slow attendance due to work commitments. Not a problem. Nets are safe. Background not good.



DF has done an inventory. Pair of LH batting gloves are needed. Bails are a minor problem.



Test tickets have been ordered and have arrived, they are£25.50 each for the middle section of the Surridge stand. Payment to be received by 7th March. Ten pin bowling on a Saturday in the middle of March. A formal Golfing Sunday will take place on 2nd April, DC to notify all.

Beer Break 9.57



Chris Beirens has helped PG to book the Citadines, 3200BF per room plus 400BF for breakfast. PG to book 3 twin rooms and a triple room at the Ibis Opera in Gent. Minibus option to travel is too expensive (approximately £670). DC stated that we have until 31st March to book. The car option looks favourate. Tour update meeting on 9th March.





Date of next meeting

23rd March 2000

Meeting closed 10.30pm.

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