Lichfield Nomads Cricket Meeting Minutes January 2000


1999 Winning season P20 W10 D1 L9

Minutes of the meeting held on 27th January 2000 at the Fountain Inn, Lichfield.

Present; DF, RJ, PG, DF, MP, CR, JH, DC, MH, PF

Item 1

Apologies; AH.


Item 2

1221in monies. Invoice received for the nets amounting to 416.00. Revenue for nets is from 11,10,11 and 9. On breakeven course. 137 spent on kit. DF, MH, CR, DC, PF, JH, PG, MP, KG and PH have paid subscriptions so far. PG suggests "Name and shame" in February notification.


Item 3

Swynnerton CC on 16.04.00 is the start of the season. Fixture against Lichfield Friary Grange CC is on a Saturday. Home fixtures required at the start of the season. Problems with Sutton Coldfield 3rds. 1st home fixture on 30.04.00. August Bank Holiday kept free. Mechelen CC home fixture on 22.07.00. Tour fixtures confirmed Mechelen CC on 27.05.00 and Brussel Royal on 28.05.00.


Item 4

See Item 2.

Good to have 2 nets, OK.


Item 5

See Item 2.

2No new sets of pads, 12No match balls and a new scorebook have been purchased. DF has done a rough audit. MH is putting efforts into club shirts, 2No companies have been approached so far. CR has lost his cap.

Beer break 10.00pm


Item 6

6No Test match ticket requests have been received for the Oval game. Attendees are as follows: DC, SS, PH and his father, MH, MP, RJ, PG, possibly AH and Pete Willis.Tenpinbowling, on a Saturday, in late February early March and going by Mini Bus.


Item 7

See Item 3.

RJ will look into Mini Bus costs, PG looking into the Citadines for Saturday and Sunday night and MH will find out about the Ibis in Gent. All three to report back to the February meeting.


Item 8

17.02.00. The Fountain Inn.


Item 9

37 numbers paid in full, 1 partly paid, 9 have been taken up.

January draw, 15.00-No. 47,10.00-No. 01.

Meeting closed 10.24pm.

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