Lichfield Nomads Cricket Meeting Minutes February 2000


1999 Winning season P20 W10 D1 L9

Minutes of the meeting held on 23rd March 2000 at the Fountain Inn, Lichfield.

Present; DF, RJ, PG, CR, DC, MH, MP.

Apologies; PB, JH.



DF gave abject apologies. Nets paid, short fall of 100. Club balance 1000.


‘50’ Club

Nothing to report. Draw update on website.



3 not paid SN, RC, and SS. Captain to check on RC for keeping wicket.



August bank Holiday booked as a home fixture. Cannock to confirm pitch for Eagles fixture when their fixtures are organised. CANNOCK WOOD SIXES to be discussed at players meeting. A letter has been sent to Carol Mitchell at Holland sports to confirm home fixtures. DF to sort out Mercury Cup entry.


There is more participation. Captain starting nets slowly. MP in contact with Lichfield C.C., 99% certain. The Captain asked about 29.03.00 start for outdoor nets (too early). They will start on 05.04.00 with one night to be used predominantly for fielding practice.



Pair of LH batting gloves are needed, MP to go Bourne sports. MP also has a clock. The Captain is working on the First Aid Kit. MH sent letter to Willow Sports confirming prices for club gear with the exception of wool/ acrylic mix jumpers. The Captain queried this. MH to get prices. There will be no uniformity in choice.

Beer break 10.00pm



DC Apologised for late notification of Golf day, which will start at 1.00pm. Pre season social on 14.04.00 to be notified. DC to look into having the Annual dinner at the Little Barrow Hotel. Tenpin bowling on hold. All Test ticket money has been received. RJ thanked DC.



PF going. RJ thanked DC for organising ferry, departure at 2.00pm. Cost to be notified. Accommodation confirmed in Gent. March notification to tell members to organise their own insurance.



DC asked about the constitutional review. The executive committee is to do this before the 2000AGM. MH asked that granting life membership to PGW be discussed. Following a short sentence in support from PG, RJ proposed the club do this. MP seconded the motion and a vote (7-0 in favour) took place.


Date of next meeting

Players meeting 12th April 2000

Meeting closed 10.40pm.

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