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Lichfield Nomads Cricket Meeting Minutes November 2000

Minutes of the meeting held on 30th November 2000 at the Duke of York, Lichfield.

Present; RJ, DF, CR, MP, DC, KG, MH, PG.

Apologies; SS, AH, JH, PF.

DF has booked flights to Hawaii and MP is going with him. DF said that the club finances had around 700.00 at the start of the club year. Since then, 300.00 has been received from the 50 club, 7 members subscriptions have been collected and 43p in interest has been added to boost the club’s cash holding.

In PF’s absence RJ spoke about the 50 club. This was an error-ridden attempt at explaining the "numbers". It was agreed, by those at the meeting that the 50 club has 46 of its 50 numbers taken up and 15 of the numbers taken not paid for. 2 Draws to take place in AOB. RJ gave a vote of thanks to PF

MH had not notified M Fellows, B Howcroft or N Hemmings about this meeting, as they had not been approached about Membership. This will be done through personal contact. RJ stated that membership to be looked into more closely at the February meeting. DC to contact Barry and Neil. MP to contact Mark. DF pointed out that we had 15 paid members from last season. MH stated that the new Captain could have 18 members to choose from next season. PH’s basketball team beaten by the Ukraine.

MP has arranged 11 fixtures so far. First match on April 15th at Swynnerton. The "Stewert Ellison" Trophy will be played for on Saturday 5th May. Home games against Woore in June and Glebelands July have been arranged. July is fully booked. RJ thanked MP for doing!

MH stated that the nets would start on 11th January 2001, not 4th. This is due to resealing of the Leisure centre floor. RJ said that outdoor nets to be discussed at a later date. MP said that it would be the last year for Lichfield outdoor nets. DF said Barton outdoor nets are good.

DF, who has the match kit, stated that whoever had the net kit to get in contact with him with a view to meeting up and sorting out what was needed for the winter nets and what needs to be purchased. RJ to look after winter kit. MH said that new kit purchases should be decided at the January meeting.

DC has 12 members going to the Test Match at Trent Bridge. Tickets to be ordered tomorrow. The ten pin bowling, due tomorrow night, has been put back to the second Saturday in the New Year. Notifications for Xmas social going out soon. It will be 7.30 to 8.00 on 16th December meeting at the Scales. RJ wants the 23rd December to be a social as well. The MONOPOLY weekend will be organised by DC after he has talked to MP about a free weekend in the season.

Beer break 9.06pm

RJ stated that he believed there was not much interest in touring Belgium, either as a full or shared tour. PG said that the fact it was not discussed at the AGM poured cold water on the idea of any Belgium tour. PG had received an E mail from Kurt Osear regarding a shared tour. MP put forward the idea of touring abroad every other year. PG said that he had asked members for their availability to tour on the May Bank holiday, "It was nearly workable and it would be a two-match tour". MP said that if members were a problem to tour, playing at home would be a probability. Somerset or Herefordshire were mentioned. DF stated it’s only 2 hours to Exeter. MH said travelling at an average speed of 100mph early on a Sunday morning could do it. DC said he liked the idea of an English tour. CR said that if only 6 or 7 members went on a shared tour, it would not be a proper tour. DC stated that if we are to have an English tour, we should avoid tourist areas. MP said that former Nomad Andy Fletcher might be able to arrange a fixture for us in Hay on Wye. MP to follow this up. CR said that an English tour was a better option. PG said he would inform Kurt Osear that we couldn’t get the required numbers to tour this year. MP said the club would be willing to help them out if they were to tour over here. MH said that an "intention to tour in England" form would go out with the January notification. MP said he would fix fixtures. MH stated that touring in this country gave members options e.g. playing two games (If selected) and stopping only for one night. Finally, MP said that touring at home this season meant that talk of touring abroad in 2002 would be better quality.

Next meeting 25th January 2001 at the Fountain. 50 Club October draw 4,28,

November draw 24,21. Captaincy selection to go through the normal process.

Meeting closed at 9.55pm.