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Lichfield Nomads Cricket Meeting Minutes February 2001

Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd February 2001 at the Fountain Inn, Lichfield.

Present; RJ, DF, MH, PH, JH, PG, MP, DC, PF, KG.

Apologies; CR.

MP said only 3 gaps in the seasons fixture list. We will be playing Four Oaks Saints in May. There has been difficulty in arranging games for the Third and Fourth week in April, so we will go to the Bureau. We have eight or nine home games this season. Our first match is away at Swynnerton on 15th April.

Tour game to be arranged against St Owens Cricket Club, MP will know more next week.

RJ thanked MP.

1114.62 in the bank. An invoice referring to the cost of the indoor nets for 429.00 has been received. At present losing 9.00 per net, therefore a predicted loss of approximately 120.00 is expected. 134.00 has been spent on kit, RJ thanked MH.

AH, MP, PG, DF, PF, SS, CR, NT, PH and MH are the ten payers of membership fee so far.

RJ thanked DF.

35 numbers in the 50 club have been paid in full, assuming PW will take up his numbers. SG still to pay. Much the same as usual. PF said that new members would hopefully participate. See 50 club note. Prizes owed none. February draw: 36,37.

RJ thanked PF.

MP said that attendance at nets is down due to coincidence. RJ asked PG if the weights holding the nets down were fixed, PG answered no. DF said that poor attendance should be mentioned in the March notification.

Beer break 9.50pm.

RJ mentioned that MH and PG had discussed going to Aldershot to purchase a knocked in bat. After discussion it was decided that PG and MH are to go to Bourne sports in Stoke and purchase a poly armoured bat for around 80.00.MP stated that members should PLACE a club bat in the club kit bag, after use.

Next Friday night is ten pin bowling night, with a curry afterwards? The lanes are booked for 8.00pm. DC will organise transport from Lichfield however PF can take seven. Meet at the Lichfield Bus station. Pre season social to be organised for 6th April. Monopoly weekend will probably be held in September. Test match ticket cost of 26.00 to be paid to DC. RJ was pleased to see the club doing well socially.

RJ thanked DC.

AOB. PF has revamped the Web site. PF stated that there might be rule changes for next season, MH will report on MC3 notification at the next meeting, which will be held in four weeks time.


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