Lichfield Nomads Cricket Meeting Minutes March 2001

Minutes of the meeting held on 22nd March 2001 at the Fountain Inn, Lichfield.

Present; RJ, DF, MH, PH, CR, PG, MP, DC, PF, KG.

Apologies; PB, PS, JH, AH.

RJ welcomed everyone. PH wanted the captain to start attending.

11 paid up members, AH, MP, PG, DF, MH, PF, NT, SS, JH, CR. The current income from nets before tonight was 231.00. RJ said any shortfall could be absorbed.

50 club pretty much the same as last month. Draw for March will be at the end of the meeting.

RJ thanked PF and also for work on the website.

RJ asked for comments on membership. DC said that Barry Howcroft had now moved house and would be unavailable. MP to ask Mark Fellows. DC said that Neil Hemmings would play 2 or 3 games. RJ asked if we would be able to field full sides. DF said that if people have paid membership they would play. MP said people are forbidden from injury. DF said 3 regular members; DC, KG and PB have not paid their membership as well as PS.

MP said that the Olton & WW fixture would hopefully be played in one of the gaps in September. The Swynnerton fixture may be in doubt due to the Foot and mouth epidemic and it was also pointed out that it might be difficult getting an alternative from the bureau.

RJ thanked MP.

RJ asked if there were any complaints from the nets. DC said that the net near the wall was a little dark for a couple of weeks. MP said the new balls had helped. RJ said that the outdoor nets at Barton would be discussed at the players meeting on the 11.04.01.RJ to speak to JH about JH talking to AH about the Barton nets. DF mentioned the importance of fielding practice in the Earle outdoor nets.

Beer break 9.51

RJ thanked MH and PG for the purchase of new bat and knocker in ball and white ball (59.00). RJ asked if we needed an arm guard after the injury to DF’s elbow, the answer was that DF had bought one himself. PG said that it was a peculiarity to the nets. RJ mentioned the kit rota. MH to sort out. RJ cannot do May. RJ said the bag of gloves from the kit had gone missing; it may be at PG’s house.

RJ said how wonderful the social at Burton was. The star was PG (flamboyant). A very enjoyable evening. DC said 2 dates are coming up, 01.01.01 for the golf and 06.04.01 for the pre season social. DC mentioned the possibility of ten pin bowling every couple of months. The monopoly weekend needs to be organised due to accommodation needing to be organised in London for one or two nights due to the amount of Pubs involved (26). MH to put an intention form in the next notification for the event that will take place on the weekend of 29th and 30th of September this year.

RJ thanked DC.

MP said that the proposed tour is dodgy. MP mentioned two alternatives. Firstly that LFGCC are touring Kent starting May bank holiday Monday. RJ asked what people felt. PG asked how many places are available. MP said as many as we wanted to go as they are stopping in a converted barn. RJ said this should be put to the members. DC asked if there were any alternatives. MH said no. MP said the Belgians are coming over in August. MP also said that may be leave it until the summer and for example organise a fixture for the Saturday of the Bugbrooke fixture. MH stated that this was a good idea as the closeness of the fixture gave the members the options of stopping over or not. MH and PG to look into accommodation. RJ asked about touring next, MH said it would be better to talk about it in the summer.

RJ thanked MP, PG and MH

RJ stated he had 4 tickets for the Saturday of the Edgbaston test match.

MH had contacted Howard Clay of the MC3 regarding the new Laws and how it would affect non-league cricket. These are some of the changes:

Any no ball or wide bowled is one run to the batting side.

Umpires to decide on whether to play if conditions deteriorate, not the captains.

Timed out is now 3 minutes.

Protection mark is now 5’ not 4’.

Any ball hit by the batsman that hits the boundary rope/line, not pitching beforehand, now counts as 6 not 4.

Any ball hit by the batsman that hits any objects (trees etc), not pitching beforehand, that are fixed behind the boundary rope/line but protruding over the boundary rope/line, now counts as 6 not 4.

All boundary markers are to be behind the boundary rope/line.

All sightscreens are to behind the boundary rope/line.

MH to investigate further.

March draw, 1st-19 2nd 24.

Meeting closed 10.26.


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