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Lichfield Nomads Cricket Club Meeting Minutes: November 2009

Minutes of the November meeting held at the George and Dragon Pub, Lichfield on 26th November 2009.

Present: DF, CC, KC, KG, PF, MH, MP, PG.
Apologies: RC, GB, PB, KS, IH, NG.

2No memberships paid so far, MP and DF and no further financial transactions have taken place since the AGM. The cost of engraving came up with MH putting in a claim for £7.50 for a 2007 engraving. DF said that the Club policy was for trophy winners to cover the cost and that the people were not getting trophies engraved to avoid paying. MH stated that an email had been sent round asking trophy holders to get the engraving up to date and that in future a reminder will be sent out every year to ensure engraving takes place. MP thanked MH for getting the engraving up to date. KC bought up CC’s membership category and it was confirmed he was not senior. More memberships paid whilst this item was being discussed.

50 Club.
The 50 club has received £217.00 in funds so far, RC has paid up for last season. Only 4 to 5 numbers left.

KS not present so no news on fixtures.  MP gave details of the Bath Fixture to MH who will pass these on to KS to follow up with a recommendation to hold the fixture at the end of June/beginning of July. Further to AGM Referral No2, MP said that the Lichfield CC 2nd pitch is available on Sundays but the availability of the other facilities is not known, further investigations will take place.

No notification received as yet. MH stated that he had been to LFLC and confirmed the same 2No net booking for the New Year. The timeslot will be the usual 8.00pm to 9.00pm and start on 07.01.10. Costs to the Club and the number of nets will be available soon.  KS has the Net kit. Further to AGM Referral No5, RC’s emails were read out and MP said it was positive. PG said he would not want to keep wicket in the Nets. KG mentioned optimum time taken batting, MP said approximately 10 minutes. KC said that it did not matter for him batting because he hits the ball as hard as he can anyway and prefers to bowl. DF stated that “Nets do not help his bowling because of the spin aspect” DF measures a good length prior to the nets starting. MP said we should have the marker where the crease is and not the stumps. PG said that the Nets are an enjoyment and it would not be the same if we fiddled about and made things more complicated. MH stated that the meeting had done justice to RC’s ideas and it was agreed to have more discussion, with RC present, at the next meeting to be held after the 2nd Net.  The consensus was not to make things to complicated.

Net kit with KS. No change on the number of Caps to be purchased. Net balls should be sufficient for the start of Nets on 07.01.10. KC has purchased XL shirt.

MP, in GB’s absence, stated that there are 15No requirements for Test match tickets next year and that IH, MP and PB will purchase the tickets at £55.00 each. The itinerary will be arranged at a later date. Further to AGM Referral No6, MP said that the Xmas social will be held on 18.12.09 and will commence at 7.30pm at the newly renovated “Duke of York “Pub in Lichfield. Further to AGM Referral No3, MH asked about the “Club Day”, MP said that he would have to speak to KS and that the Queens Head XI will be a very strong side. KC mentioned the possibility of an over 50’s v an under 50’s match, this will be considered at a later date.

PG has had the MVP trophy altered, but unfortunately to the trophy detriment. MP has awarded PG a Design and Build contract for a new “Ray Jennett Trophy”. Further to AGM Referral No1,

Meeting closed at 10.40pm.
Date of next meeting 14.01.10.

For the record, all AGM referrals were discussed with the exception of No4 Veterans side.

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