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Lichfield Nomads Cricket Club Meeting Minutes: March 2010

Minutes of the March meeting held at the Duke of York Pub, Lichfield on 11th March 2010.

Present: IH, PF, JH, MH, MP, DF, PW,
Apologies: PG, PB, GB, DB, LW, KS.

Paid up memberships so far are: MP, DF, PG, PF, KC, NE, MH, KS, DP, PB, IH, LW, DB, NW, and JH. Since the last meeting, insurance of £285.00 has been paid and the Nets invoice of £626.04 has also been paid. The current a/c is standing at £1645.30. An approach from Wall CC was received regarding the Net cheque issued to them and the fact that it had not been cashed, DF issued a new one. Deposit a/c as before. IH asked about the rate for junior membership and DF confirmed that it is included in the adult membership of the parent. The match fee for juniors is £3.00 and this is made up of £2.00 for the match and £1.00 for insurance cover.

50 Club.
3 numbers not taken and the usual suspects have not paid. However “their credit is good”. £277.00 in so far and outstanding draws to be made at the end of the meeting.

MP spoke in KS’s absence and started by saying that the Sutton Police fixture would start early due to the World Cup Final. MP said the season to start on 18.04.10. On IH’s prompting MP checked out the Lichfield CC possibility for Home fixtures. MP’s contact there will speak to the Lichfield CC Chairman who will in turn contact MP. MP has asked KS to book Barton CC for the games scheduled and the remainder will hopefully be played at Lichfield CC. Wednesbury 3rds fixture not confirmed yet. IH said the double headers will be covered by the fixtures bureau; this was in response to PF’s concern on this subject.

DF stated the attendance at the nets was mediocre and that 19 different members had turned up.MP made the point that weather was a factor. The subject of the indoor nets will be seriously discussed in the autumn. Wall CC want to charge £140.00 instead of £120.00 which will not be a problem. They intend to have a second net available probably from the third week in April.

Caps will be available shortly. IH has a score book and will check the match ball situation. MP asked MH if we needed anything else and the answer was no.

Pre season social will be on Friday 16.04.10 7.30pm for 8.00pm at the Duke of York, Lichfield and we will arrive at the Queens Head at approximately 10.00pm. MH said that there had been no response to the either of the Horse Racing ideas from IH and PB. DF mentioned the demise of the players meeting and PF stated it was usually after the first indoor (outdoor? - Ed) net. It was decided to resurrect this meeting and it will be held at the George and Dragon Pub after the last indoor net on 25.03.10.

Tour fixtures are arranged.
MP said members will need to book their own accommodation. MP said that anyone who plays in either game will get an expense and that there was no enthusiasm for this money to be put behind the bar of a Pub or in a kitty “this is not a good idea”. Further discussion on the tour will take place after the players meeting.

MP thanked MH and the Website for work on the Captaincy consensus issue which overwhelmingly voted for a Captain and Vice Captain. PW nominated IH and MH seconded. MP wished IH all the best for the coming season and IH has approached RC for the VC position.

Meeting closed at 11.10pm.

Date of next meeting - Players meeting 25th March 2010.

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