Lichfield Nomads Cricket Meeting Minutes February 1999


Minutes of the meeting held at the FOUNTAIN PUBLIC HOUSE, LICFIELD on 26th February 1999.

Present: PG, DC, MP, PW, AH, MH and ST. Apologies: KG, PB, CR and SS "Can’t be arsed"!!


In the absence of the Chairman at this meeting, the secretary was acting chairman and MP took the minutes.

The minutes of the January meeting were read and the following matters did arise. The Kit purchased did not include net balls. It was felt 12 match balls would be enough for nets and the season. A trophy has been agreed between us and Friary Grange C.C.

No change in the amount of membership subscriptions paid. Those who have paid are, PF, PG, AH, PW, DF, MH, MP, CR, JH and PS.

Petty cash 322.26 C/ac 793.39 D/ac 129.02

There has been an increase of 217.00 since the start of the season. 5.02 in interest has been received and 105.43 has been spent on kit. Lichfield C.C. have been paid 30.00 for last seasons outdoor nets and the Chairman has been paid the Xmas draw first prize.

Only 2 or 3 gaps in fixtures. Great Malvern C.C. still not confirmed. The second game of the season venue against Birch Coppice C.C. to be confirmed. The venue for the Mechelen C.C. fixture to be Barton C.C. (Grass) or Four Crosses (Grass).

Good attendance at the Nets. The Captain feels confident in his teams promising performance. Can the Nets be videoed?, MH to investigate. MP to arrange outdoor nets. A general discussion, prompted by DC, took place on how to utilise the outdoor nets for fielding. The Captain to organise.

Kit purchased. 12 match balls, 1 Thigh pad, Bat and scorebook. It looks like the club may have to purchase a new helmet.

3 replies have been received to the social secretary’s questionnaire. A possible Black Country trip for Mechelen C.C.. The pre-season social is on Friday 9th April at 7.45 p.m., the Scales.

Dover to Ostend 2.00pm, Ostend to Dover 2.30pm, Ferry’s booked. DC and SS now unable to play on Saturday. PW will contact an interested party to fill the gap.

Meeting closed at 10.36 p.m.

Date of next meeting 25th March 1999.


4th October 1999

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