Lichfield Nomads Cricket Meeting Minutes January 1999


Minutes of the meeting held at the FOUNTAIN PUBLIC HOUSE, LICFIELD on 25th January 1999.

Present: PG, PF, DC, CR, MP, DF, RJ, PW, AH and MH.

Apologies: PB and KG.

As of 25th January 1999 still only 11 memberships received. A Fifty-pound donation was sent to the ACORN CHARITY in respect of Life member and friend Stuart Ellison, who passed away before Christmas. A new trophy is to be inaugurated this season in his memory.

Cash 133.87

C/A 1077.25

D/A 125.00

33 numbers fully paid on ‘50’ club, with 5 partly paid, 7 taken and not paid and 5 club numbers.

Only 3 fixture vacancies remain for the season. Malvern CC is still to be decided. The Saturday fixture against Friary Grange may be for a trophy.

Beer break 9.55 PM.

Nets going well, strong attendance. No gloves in net kit, the Chairman to replenish.

Audit carried out on club kit. 6net balls, 12 match balls, light bat and thigh pad required. The Treasurer, Secretary and Fixtures secretary to go and purchase this Saturday.

Tickets for the Lords test v NZ range from 24.00 to 34.00. There is a restriction on allocation, only 2 per person before 26th April 1999. Our application to be made after that date. The Social secretary thanked everybody for their attendance at the Xmas social. A circular to be sent out soon. Any ideas gratefully received.

2 crossings already fully booked for the Friday crossing. Saturday fixture against Mechelen CC confirmed, no Sunday game as yet. Confirmations to be received by mid Feb meeting.

Akin Hussein confirmed as Captain for the 1999 season.

Date of next meeting 25th February 1999.


4th October 1999

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