Lichfield Nomads Cricket Meeting Minutes November 1999


1999 Winning season P20 W10 D1 L9

Minutes of the meeting held on 25th November 1999 at the Duke of York, Lichfield.

Present; RJ, DF, CR, MP, DC, KG, PF, PG.

Apologies; SS, AH, JH, MH.


Item 1

We discussed membership briefly. Rob Allison will play occasionally but does not want to join – we’ll decide next year if we want to advertise for new members.

Car expenses – we decided that money will be divided by cars for games further than 30 miles – the cost will be 10p per mile. Below 30, sort out by car. DF noted that the club’s finances earned 21p this month.


Item 2

RJ thanked PG for his efforts over the last 8 years. DF thought PG should be awarded a match (stick) – MP thinks a night out with Madge is more appropriate. 2 fixtures against Trentside have been arranged. CR has a contact at Rosliston, (although they sounded a bit good). MP intends to organise a single wicket competition at the start of the season.


Item 3

Nets will commence at 8.00pm on 06.01.00 and finish on 30.03.00. Cost is 208 per 13 weeks. It’s possible that two nets could be available (confirmation after Xmas). With 2 nets costing 416, MH suggested a fee of 3. We decide to take up the option.


Item 4

MH noted we awaiting the badge design from PG. MH to take over looking after stumps, bails and balls. MP will keep kit and sort it out before 1st net. Kit talks ensued.


Item 5

All agreed that 10 pin bowling evening was a success; it might be possible to organise another one. The battered stickleback was especially popular. An informal pitch and putt is organised for 28.11.99. Apparently Darnford lane is also a good venue. Xmas social, 11.12.99 at The Scales, 7.30pm.

The next test series is against W Indies. Test trip to be sorted out, should be on the agenda for the next meeting.


Item 6

PG agreed to act as tour co-ordinator. We are looking at a 2 fixture weekend.

Date of next meeting 27.01.00, meeting after 1st net to discuss Tour and test.

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