Duke of York C.C. v Lichfield Nomads C.C.

A Run Fest from One End

With an influx of new players, Nomads were able to agree to a T20 against old rivals Duke of York, who batted first. San Bryars and Jim Cogzell struggled, especially against Bliss who looked well on the way to a 6 over 50 before being caught by Tony Jordan off Ian Hughes. Hughes and Mark Hutton slowed down the scoring, especially Hutton who returned the excellent figures of 10 off 4 overs. The other bowlers could not maintain the pressure each going for around 10 per over and DoY posted a total of 177. However we had some big hitters in our side and we felt the total was gettable.
However we had a bad start with Rana Ghosal and Dan Brannigan both going for ducks early on. Paul Fearon and again Mark Hutton batted well to actually over take the DoY run-rate at 10 overs. However Matk had to retire and although John Loxley produced an amazing 23 in 6 balls off the unfortunate Hardy, the remaining batsmen, with the exception of Jim Cogzell, could not keep the pressure on and Nomads ended up 20 runs short.
Going back to Kings Bromley, both teams had to bowl from one end due to nasty neighbours and Nomads made a good effort despite a disastrous start. Indeed if Brannigan could have scored a few or Loxley remained a couple more overs, or Hutton come back in, a victory could easily have been achieved. Although , I don’t know if an MVP was voted in surely Hutton, captain on the night, would have walked away with it.

[Disclaimer: Any offence caused by this article is unintentional, any praise is well deserved]

Date: 26th May 2021
Start time: 6:15pm
Venue: Kings Bromley
Competition: 20 overs Friendly
Scores: Duke of York 177 for 3, Lichfield Nomads 157 for 7
Result: Duke of York beat Lichfield Nomads 20 runs
Toss: Duke of York won the toss and elected to bat
Scorers: J. Hoddy
Umpires: Various
Report: J. Hoddy
Weather: Sunny intervals